Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The amazing things you can do with Cinematography

During my leave time around the holidays, I bought a sweet camera for some little short films I wanted to do. That was my Christmas present to myself, and man is it worth it! To quickly explain the picture, the top frame is one that had a Horror/Slasher Cinema effect, while the bottom was the original. It's amazing what Color Correction, Feathered black borders, and some enhanced Wide-screen effects can achieve!

I am still thinking of something I can do as a REAL project. This one was simply 8 seconds, while another one I did was about 2 minutes with BG audio. Tell me what you think! Any Ideas?

Friday, January 6, 2012


Looks like it has been a while since ive posted, and I'm back!

Time to start the fun! More posts soon!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black and White Review (Finally)

So I was finally able to play Pokemon Black last weekend, and I must say it was really great aside from it being the 359259th version of Pokemon ;(

Like all core Pokémon games, Pokémon Black focuses on a kid's journey to become the greatest Pokemon master in the world. Along the way, you'll be battling trainers, solving world's issues, and other things like the other million Pokemon games you played. The Unova region contains 156 new pokémon; until the postgame, they're the only pokémon available. Moreover, not all of them are available on the Black version of the cart. Catching them all requires trading with friends or logging into the upgraded Wi-Fi mode. Although many of the new monsters feel like reskins of series mainstays like Pidgey and Geodude, there are enough winners in the batch that selecting a core team of six is difficult. Previously unexplored type combinations such as Dark/Fighting and Ghost/Fire make their appearance, resulting in new battle strategies. The effect of these new pokémon on the multiplayer community is currently unknown, but they keep single-player battles from becoming too stale. Rotation and triple battles add further spice to the mix, although they don't occur often enough to seriously impact the main play through. One-on-one battles remain the common currency.
   Knowledge of each pokémon's strengths is essential. Deciding to bring Fire pokémon into a cave filled with Ice pokémon is simple enough: fire melts ice. However, the canny trainer also knows that Ice pokémon tend to have Water attacks, which are strong against Fire pokémon. What's the best way to handle a Grass/Steel pokémon? Moreover, battles are difficult to steamroll by power leveling. Experience points are awarded on a sliding scale that sharply drops once the battling pokémon is higher level than its opponents. The bump in challenge is a welcome change; it's never too annoying, as many routes have friendly doctors waiting at the midpoints to fix up any severely battered monsters.
   Speaking of beaten monsters, the story is one of the greatest disappointments. Like always, every Pokemon series has an identical story. But if your a Pokemon fanatic, this is a world where the feelings of pokémon are all that people talk about, every bookshelf is loaded down with pokémon merchandise, and every child's ritualized journey to adulthood consists of a cross-country journey of friendship. While the story heats up and gets "intense" near the end, it always ends in the way you think it would. The NPC talking is hefty, and feels like I'm being taught about the most basic things. The hefty postgame revisits many of the plot elements, like other games.
Unfortunately, I'd say Pokemon Black was as I expected it to be: running around, beating people, and catching Pokemon. If I had time on my hands, I'd game the hell out of this one. But for now, it'll be collecting dust.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Mondaiz: Suckerpunch

This will be a regular routine: Movie reviews every week or whenever I have time to watch a decent movie.

This film could not be more appropriately titled. I was a "suckered" into paying for this movie, and I felt like "punching" the creators of this horrid movie.

To begin, the acting was horrible. The cut-scenes and eccentric beginning is unexplained and is confusing until you watch the last 5 minutes of the movie, which will leave you saying OH I GET IT NOW.

The movie starts with the main character (Baby Doll), acted horribly, being sent off to this twisted mental institution after shooting her sister. The bullet was meant for her step-father, but surprisingly the bullet somehow made its way off of a light and into the sister's chest. There, she meets a group of equally terrible actresses and begins her flights of fantasy. Throughout the whole movie, she maintains the plain and dull look of stupidity.

The constant visions of her obtaining the 4 items to escape are ridiculous and do not even match the movie. If the cut-scenes were removed, I believe this movie would have a lot more value to it.

Just take my advice here; unless you're a confused young women with anger and appearance issues, or a horny 14-year old boy and want to see some clevage and chicks with guns, avoid this movie at all cost. Invest in a lotto ticket, because you have a higher chance of winning than enjoying this movie.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Pathetic.

If you all know me, you will understand that I despise all types of extreme pop culture: things pushed through the media and fed to gullible teens who couldn't tell the difference between good and bad. And to top it off, it is endorsed by school officials and tolerable. This obscenity today happened as the last day before Spring Break arrived: a field day. Nothing like standing in the hot, sweaty bleachers in Florida weather, surrounded by hundreds of kids who rather be skipping school instead. As I sat down, a guy comes out dressed in the most unprofessional and downright "ghetto" clothes and yells a regurgitated version of AYE YO OAK RIDGE WHUTS GOIN ONNNNN. DIS YA BOY. WE GIVIN OUT FREE MONEYYY. LEGO (I'm assuming this is extremely short for "Let's Go"). I instantly knew this was going to be another serving of "stereotypical ghetto" to our school, just like half of the bullshit at our school is. It isn't called the "Student Lounge" or "Student Services", it's called "Lil' Willie's Warehouse". Half of the deans talk like they got hired off of a GED and straight from the hood. The uneducated and poor appearance is thus passed down onto half of the idiotic population at our school. This only results in the principal fingering his asshole and asking why our school is so pathetic and will continue to fail.

This isn't a rant or me telling story: this is a message. Stop endorsing this stupidity and teach. It's simple and doesn't require much of a brain (which fits your persona anyway). You try so hard to appeal to the population, yet you forget what a school really is. This performance was so pathetic, I left 10 minutes in and went back to my classroom. I couldn't stand to watch another attempt to promote the demoralization of our school. It's sad to see this happen, and especially watch the teachers promote this nonsense. Our school is pathetic, and will continue to stay that way forever. It'll be a shame to answer to people asking what school I graduated from, because I would never rep that godforsaken school of mine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

get ur dick outta my biz

Most of my teenage life was study, homework, and gaming. Dating was the last thing on my mind. I always saw it as a distraction and never thought of doing it simply because every middle school relationship I saw didn't last more than a solid 2 weeks. Throughout high school, I kept quiet and never announced relationships to anyone - especially my family. I didn't want shit from them. My dad enjoys making fun of me and my step-mom wants to know every detail. My personal life had to stay away from family life, things are just too easy to exploit. But my brother never learned that. He's been a momma's boy for the longest time, and will let my parents protrude his life like a Proctologist would protrude his anus.

To begin, my brother has no social life. His constant nurturing and spoon-fed ways have led him to being bullied and not able to have a nice handful of friends. He has transferred school constantly - going through four elementary and middle schools in under 5 years. He is bounced around so he can get the best "education" (which doesn't make sense: Florida's Department of Education has STRICT guidelines with how teachers do their business). He has gone through friends like a hooker goes through condoms. I genuinely feel bad for him and offer to take him with my friends out to places. He constantly talks and says the stupidest shit. The kid is 13 and acts like he's 9. I always get the "sigh of fail" everytime I respond yes to "are you bringing him?" There is only so much I can do, but he has been raised like this - it looks like it's too late.

In this new middle school he attends is a horrible infestation of preppy white girls and jocks. With this fine selection of students is drama and high-maintenance girls who just want to have fun. Recently, someone that found him mildly attracting started flirting with him - ONCE. Jumping at the chance, he asks my step-mom what to do. Worst Mistake. She instantly probes every single conversation and text message he receives from her. She controls him like a puppet into saying the stupidest things. The poor girl's parents tell her not to even think of dating this crazy kid. But that doesn't stop it. She tells him to convince the girl he can get any girl he wanted.

To make a long story short, he is now known as the kid who will never have friends and will get beat up by beefy boyfriends soon if he keeps letting mommy talk to random girls from his class.

Sometimes, people need to grow a pair and think with our OWN heads. I have maintained and continue to hold onto a 6-month relationship. It may not be a lot, but it is moving along nicely. Quite honestly, I've done everything by myself and haven't asked anyone for advice. Things look like it's smooth-sailing from here. My parents STILL don't know of it, and I want to keep it that way as long as possible, because they like drama. If you ever notice, it's always others who break your relationship. They stress one small flaw until it echoes in your head and pushes you to the breaking point. It's just a simple request: pull your dick out of my business!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

US Pop Culture and Refugees

Growing up, I always felt bad for people, especially kids, who came to the US seeking safety and shelter. Cuba, Iraq, parts of Africa, and so on. There is one person in particular I couldn't give a damn with what happens to her. I've seen her since middle school, but high school is when I learned about her when she did a quick presentation to my AP World History class. She came from northern Iraq, and is of Kurdish descent. If you don't know, the Kurds were targets of an Iraqi Anti-Kurd policy in the 1980's, forcing them to abandon their homes and venture away to avoid being captured and executed. It was estimated almost 100,000 Kurds were killed and 20,000 died from heat exhaustion.

Steering back, I listened to her story. It caught a lot of emotions, and had me going. But what I noticed during her empathetic tale was that she really didn't care. In fact, she looked like a typical american - except really ghetto. I watched her go from quiet and nice in middle school to a complete high-maintenance bitchy little bitch-bitch [Yes, I can use bitch three times in one sentence!]. Alone, she wasn't much of a problem, but with her "homies" and "homegurlz", she would call you out and make fun of you, acting like a total asshole. She was a complete bitch and had a sour attitude.

The bottom line is: don't come to my home country treating people here like shit and expect sympathy. You came here as a refugee. You came here so you weren't slaughtered like the rest of your friends and family who are still there. You came here for Freedom of Religion. Now that you have the opportunity of safety here, you have abandoned everything and blended in with the wrong group of people. I know damn well if we stuck you back in that shithole you crawled out of, you'd want back and stop being such a rebellious whore. Don't take advantage of what this country has given to you.