Sunday, January 2, 2011

US Pop Culture and Refugees

Growing up, I always felt bad for people, especially kids, who came to the US seeking safety and shelter. Cuba, Iraq, parts of Africa, and so on. There is one person in particular I couldn't give a damn with what happens to her. I've seen her since middle school, but high school is when I learned about her when she did a quick presentation to my AP World History class. She came from northern Iraq, and is of Kurdish descent. If you don't know, the Kurds were targets of an Iraqi Anti-Kurd policy in the 1980's, forcing them to abandon their homes and venture away to avoid being captured and executed. It was estimated almost 100,000 Kurds were killed and 20,000 died from heat exhaustion.

Steering back, I listened to her story. It caught a lot of emotions, and had me going. But what I noticed during her empathetic tale was that she really didn't care. In fact, she looked like a typical american - except really ghetto. I watched her go from quiet and nice in middle school to a complete high-maintenance bitchy little bitch-bitch [Yes, I can use bitch three times in one sentence!]. Alone, she wasn't much of a problem, but with her "homies" and "homegurlz", she would call you out and make fun of you, acting like a total asshole. She was a complete bitch and had a sour attitude.

The bottom line is: don't come to my home country treating people here like shit and expect sympathy. You came here as a refugee. You came here so you weren't slaughtered like the rest of your friends and family who are still there. You came here for Freedom of Religion. Now that you have the opportunity of safety here, you have abandoned everything and blended in with the wrong group of people. I know damn well if we stuck you back in that shithole you crawled out of, you'd want back and stop being such a rebellious whore. Don't take advantage of what this country has given to you. 


  1. It does make it hard to feel bad for people like that. I'm not saying we shouldn't feel sympathetic for these people at all, and definitely not that should be kissing the ass of every American who came before them but for fucks sake, show some sort of sympathy to the people still suffering.

    If her story is true and she was involved in that, she is lucky to be alive and should be grateful for that, not anything material.

  2. Countries that suffer from these kinds of things really get me, and I do genuinely feel sorry for them. However, not appreciating it and just abandoning any relations to that country is quite low in my opinion.