Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Pathetic.

If you all know me, you will understand that I despise all types of extreme pop culture: things pushed through the media and fed to gullible teens who couldn't tell the difference between good and bad. And to top it off, it is endorsed by school officials and tolerable. This obscenity today happened as the last day before Spring Break arrived: a field day. Nothing like standing in the hot, sweaty bleachers in Florida weather, surrounded by hundreds of kids who rather be skipping school instead. As I sat down, a guy comes out dressed in the most unprofessional and downright "ghetto" clothes and yells a regurgitated version of AYE YO OAK RIDGE WHUTS GOIN ONNNNN. DIS YA BOY. WE GIVIN OUT FREE MONEYYY. LEGO (I'm assuming this is extremely short for "Let's Go"). I instantly knew this was going to be another serving of "stereotypical ghetto" to our school, just like half of the bullshit at our school is. It isn't called the "Student Lounge" or "Student Services", it's called "Lil' Willie's Warehouse". Half of the deans talk like they got hired off of a GED and straight from the hood. The uneducated and poor appearance is thus passed down onto half of the idiotic population at our school. This only results in the principal fingering his asshole and asking why our school is so pathetic and will continue to fail.

This isn't a rant or me telling story: this is a message. Stop endorsing this stupidity and teach. It's simple and doesn't require much of a brain (which fits your persona anyway). You try so hard to appeal to the population, yet you forget what a school really is. This performance was so pathetic, I left 10 minutes in and went back to my classroom. I couldn't stand to watch another attempt to promote the demoralization of our school. It's sad to see this happen, and especially watch the teachers promote this nonsense. Our school is pathetic, and will continue to stay that way forever. It'll be a shame to answer to people asking what school I graduated from, because I would never rep that godforsaken school of mine.


  1. My new daily read of the day=) keep it up

  2. Completely agree with you, I hate my school too. Followed.

  3. My high school wasn't too bad, but my middle school was exactly like that.